• Team Spotlight – Nathan Goltz


    Nathan Goltz, Site Manager
    A fourth-generation farmer from Oliver, British Columbia, Nathan brings a strong history of innovative agricultural techniques to Vanessa Vineyard.
    His dedication to producing quality fruit, and improving the vineyard’s operations can be attributed to the legacy of his late father Robert Goltz, and the Goltz family, who have been leaving a footprint in the Okanagan since 1926.

    What is your favourite thing to do during the off season?
    Hunt, fish and be outdoors.

    Where would you like to go once the restrictions are lifted?
    Belize is at the top of my list.

    Secret spot in the Similkameen Valley?
    There is a spot up the hill in Cawston where you are surrounded by old growth fir trees. They are large and gnarly looking, you walk through them to the start of a ravine where the water first percolates out of the ground, which starts the Cawston Creek.

    Who makes you laugh the most?
    My sister Sarah Goltz.

    What do you think is your dad’s greatest legacy?
    His known generosity and kindness, while at the same time being firm and direct and he did this in bare feet.

    What is your beverage of choice?

    Favourite quote?
    “Starve the ego, feed the soul.”

    What was the best advice you received?
    What you can’t get done in 6 days you won’t get done in 7. So it’s ok to take a day off for yourself.

    Our team may be small but our expertise is vast. Thanks to our extraordinary people, we are able to craft profound wines that reflect this truly distinctive vineyard. Learn more about our team here.


  • World Book Day Giveaway



    World Book Day is just around the corner. What better way to curl up with a great book than with a great glass (or two) of Vanessa? In celebration of World Book Day on April 23, we invited our friend, Lisa Tant, to share the top three Canadian books currently on her radar. Make these your must-reads by entering our contest for your chance to win:⁠

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    Contest ends April 22, 2021 at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be announced via our Instagram stories on Friday, April 23, 2021. The winner will receive the three Canadian books recommended by @lisatant. ⁠

    This contest is not sponsored by Instagram. Open to Canada residents only.⁠

    *NOTE: unless you are the winner, we will NOT contact you for any additional information*⁠

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  • Generosity from the Similkameen Valley


    “Vanessa Vineyards aims to donate a total of 200 meals over the next 90 days to the Meals on Wheels Program at the Lower Similkameen Community Services Society, which delivers food to seniors every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The winery is starting with a donation of 100 meals; then, for every six bottles purchased of its minerally driven powerhouse wines, Vanessa Vineyards will donate an additional two meals in support of its neighbours.

    To purchase wine online, visit vanessavineyard.com. Shipping is free within B.C. for purchases of 12 bottles or more.”

    by Joanne Sasvari, Vitis

  • Our Wine Tasting

  • Wine Tasting – You’re Doing It Wrong

    You may be great at drinking wine – but do you know how to taste it? Here are the top tips we’ve found on how to properly taste wine and impress your friends in the process.

    So you’ve read our blog post on serving temperature, decanting and glass choice HERE. And you’ve read all about aerating your wine in our blog post HERE. So now you’re ready to taste it! Start by making sure you’re out of the way of other odours and that you’ve cleansed your palette – you want to be able to concentrate on the wine at hand. Continue reading Wine Tasting – You’re Doing It Wrong

  • Aeration – When, Why and How?

    Aeration is often touted as a ‘must-do’ for wine enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their wine – but what is it really all about?

    Aeration is the process of letting a wine ‘breath’. When you pour wine, the wine is suddenly exposed to oxygen. The level of oxidation that occurs can play a role in how the wine actually tastes – it allows the wine’s aromas to open up and the flavour profile to soften and improve. The difference in aroma and taste will vary with types of wine, age of the vintage, and level of tannins. Reds usually require more aeration than whites, older more than young, and wine with higher tannins more than those with fewer tannins. The more dense and concentrated a wine is, the more it will benefit from aeration. Continue reading Aeration – When, Why and How?

  • What is a Syrah?

    Have you ever wondered what a Syrah wine is? Or whether it bears any similarity to a Shiraz or a Petite Sirah? Let us walk you through a brief history of Syrah so you can become a well-versed wine enthusiast.

    Syrah is one of the darkest red wines you can find today. It is full-bodied and has a medium to high level of tannins, depending on the terroir it is grown in. While flavours vary in Syrah wines, those that are often noted include dark berries, pepper, chocolate and espresso. In our Vanessa Vineyard 2012 Syrah, notes of black fruits, leather, white pepper, and chocolate fill the mouth over silky tannins. Continue reading What is a Syrah?

  • Wine 101: Learn the Basics, Look like a Pro

    Whatever the occasion, impress your guests by following these basic tips for a perfectly served wine. It will make you look and feel like the ultimate host.

    Have you ever been underwhelmed by a well-rated wine? Odds are that one of the following steps was missed by the server. Many factors go in to how a wine tastes – from the serving temperature to the type of wine glass you use. Here is a brief overview of tips, from the Wine Spectator, to help you bring out your inner sommelier. Continue reading Wine 101: Learn the Basics, Look like a Pro

  • Pairing our Wine

    Our 2012 vintages include two elegant full-bodied wines, a Meritage and a Syrah – two names you may not have heard of before. So what meals are best to pair them with?

    Let’s start with our 2012 Syrah. This is a full-bodied wine that gives off a rich bouquet of dark plums and floral aromas with notes of cedar. Black fruits, leather, white pepper, and chocolate notes fill the mouth layered over silky tannins. The long finish shows spice and smoky oak.

    A full-bodied Syrah, like ours, has bold flavours that pair well with flavourful foods. Try barbecued meats – pork, lamb, sausages all work well. For a unique but fitting pairing, try wild game or beef stew. And in terms of a cheese pairing, go with an aged hard cheese, something that will let the bold wine flavour shine without clashing with the cheese. Continue reading Pairing our Wine