2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

1 X 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon
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Growing Conditions
The 2015 growing season started early with record heat units being recorded from June through September. While the average Growing Degree Days in Osoyoos were 1,764, at Vanessa they were signi cantly higher at 2,049. In the past ten years, 2015 was the hottest year ever for Similkameen’s Vanessa Vineyard. These conditions resulted in our red grapes being riper with a fuller fruit expression and softer, more rounded tannins.

Terroir and Microclimate
Located high on a hillside overlooking the Similkameen Valley, Vanessa Vineyard’s grapes are cultivated on 75 acres of sloping, well-drained, rocky terrain. The vines grow in rows of rocks, absorbing the day heat and imparting that warmth during the cooler nights. Planted in a west to southwest exposure, the rocky vineyard basks in the afternoon sun. Ideally situated, the vineyard benets from a long growing season, with low yields of intensely ripe fruit. The unique stony site roduces fruit with complex avours and minerality that are truly distinctive.

Crafted from 100% estate grown and hand-picked fruit. The grapes were destemmed and underwent a gentle crush before small batch fermentation and hand punch down to maximize avour and extraction. This cuvée is comprised almost entirely of free run juice with only a small quantity of lightly pressed juice to balance the tannins. Barrel aged for 20 months in American and French oak with an additional year to rest in the bottle before release. This rare combination of concentration, intensity and balance might not be evident in every vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon; therefore, our Cabernet Sauvignon will only be produced in superior years.

Flavour Profile
This powerhouse BC Cabernet Sauvignon evokes aromas of dark brambly fruits, raspberries, currants, and chocolate. Big ripe avours abound with a full palate of fudge brownies, exotic dried fruits, and ripe Mission gs. A well balanced tannin-acid structure delivers a full-bodied wine with a graceful, long nish. While this wine is an ideal pairing for beef, lamb, and game, enjoy as you would any full-bodied red wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Alcohol – 13.8%
  • Residual Sugar – 5.3 g/L
  • Total Acidity – 6.45 g/L
  • pH – 3.87
  • Brix – 27
  • Cases Produced – 195
  • Released – Sept 2018
  • SKU – 144686